Jenee Fleenor Graces CMA’s


At this year’s CMA Awards in Vegas, it was decided at the 11th hour that Jenee (pronounced Janay) Fleenor would accompany her boss Blake Shelton during his acoustic performance of ‘Sure Be Cool If You Did’. No problem. The world…

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Mario Olivares Tackles Classics


With his Takamine TH90, Latin-Spanish Guitarist, Mario Olivares, incorporates his brand of Spanish guitar with a touch of Latin Jazz, a blend of Flamenco and Pop melodies in his new album ‘Radio Nostalgia’. Superbly produced and arranged by Josquin des…

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Blake Owns the Air Waves


Between the release of his new album ‘Based on a True Story’, the launch of Season 4 of The Voice, his hosting of the upcoming CMA Awards on CBS ( 4/7) and a major Summer tour in the works, Blake…

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Jason Krause Touring with Tak


Kid Rock and his ‘Twisted Brown Trucker Band’ have launched their Spring/Summer tour featuring his longtime guitarist, Jason Krause. Krause, who joined Kid Rock in ’97, discovered Taks 2 years ago while in search of a better sounding acoustic. He…

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