‘The Voice’ Off To A Strong Start

dv shawn_smith_2

Season 5 of The Voice has launched and early indications are that it will remain the #1 show in America. Last week’s blind auditions featured two artists performing with Takamines: Shawn Smith, with his vintage TAN16C, and Lupe Carroll playing…

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Backstreet Boys Back

dv_backstreetboys aaa

The best-selling boy band in history, with more than 130 million albums sold worldwide, is back with a new album and a tour. The “Boys” have been hitting the airwaves in support of their new album with appearances on Good…

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Storyman to Release “This Time Round”


Formerly known as The Guggenheim Grotto, the award-winning Irish duo of Kevin May and Mick Lynch have the new name Storyman and a new album This Time Round. We met Kevin and Mick during their last tour of the States…

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Naomi Wachira: Seattle’s Finest


Kenyan native Naomi Wachira has called the U.S. home for the past 17 years and has carved out an impressive niche for herself in Seattle’s ever-thriving music scene. We suspect her horizons will soon broaden considerably. A longtime Takamine player,…

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