Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


The Indi Pop Band from Detroit has been steadily gaining favor since their 2009 debut EP. Their latest offering ‘Patterns’ has been particularly well received and earned them a spot on The Late Late Show with Craig Furgeson. A recent…

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‘The Voice’ Off To A Strong Start

dv shawn_smith_2

Season 5 of The Voice has launched and early indications are that it will remain the #1 show in America. Last week’s blind auditions featured two artists performing with Takamines: Shawn Smith, with his vintage TAN16C, and Lupe Carroll playing…

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Backstreet Boys Back

dv_backstreetboys aaa

The best-selling boy band in history, with more than 130 million albums sold worldwide, is back with a new album and a tour. The “Boys” have been hitting the airwaves in support of their new album with appearances on Good…

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Storyman to Release “This Time Round”


Formerly known as The Guggenheim Grotto, the award-winning Irish duo of Kevin May and Mick Lynch have the new name Storyman and a new album This Time Round. We met Kevin and Mick during their last tour of the States…

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Naomi Wachira: Seattle’s Finest


Kenyan native Naomi Wachira has called the U.S. home for the past 17 years and has carved out an impressive niche for herself in Seattle’s ever-thriving music scene. We suspect her horizons will soon broaden considerably. A longtime Takamine player,…

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