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Guitar Aficionado Features Bob Seger and his Takamine

The latest issue of Guitar Aficionado features none other than Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Seger, and standing dutifully next to him, his Takamine P7D. But more about the guitar later.

This article was about cars; Seger’s lifelong love of them, and his journey from Fairlanes, Impalas and Thunderbirds to Cobras and Boxters. The story of a blue collar boy from Detroit who can now afford exactly what he wants. And that brings us back to the Takamine. Seger was looking for a warmer, more natural acoustic sound for his 2012 tour, so he turned to his guitar tech, the late, great Skip Gildersleeve who turned his boss on to the powerful Takamine P7D solid rosewood and spruce dreadnought. Seger took it for a test drive and it’s been his go to acoustic ever since. He liked it so much, he bought a dozen. Thank you Skip.

To see and hear exactly how Bob and guitar get along, check out the new video from his latest single ‘California Stars’ here.