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LTD2024 Limited Edition Takamine Inspires GoodMoon Song & Video

For years now, GoodMoon, the Alternative Acoustic Guitar Rock duo from Japan consisting of brothers Kimitaro (TarO) and Tomojiro (JirO) have been turning to Takamine guitars to facilitate their sophisticated songwriting, beautifully complex guitar work and to accompany their seamless, sibling vocal harmonies.

Performing together professionally since their late teens and currently as GoodMoon, the brothers have rapidly expanded their musical activities and fanbase from Japan to Europe, North America and South and East Asia, their music being featured in films and commercials along the way.

Starting with a blue PT106 that a very young JirO discovered in a music store. The prolific duo has turned to one Takamine or another as their go-to acoustic ever since.

So, it was very natural for Takamine’s Senior Managing Director and Head of Artist Relations, Makoto Terasaki, to ask his friends TarO and JirO to contribute a song specifically on and for the new LTD2024.

They happily agreed and soon we received this killer song and beautifully done accompanying video, performed on their new LTD2024. Released just days ago we are not even certain if the song has a title yet. But we could wait to share it.

Inspired by the leap year of 2024, when we recalibrate our human calendar to the almighty solar system, the LTD2024 pays homage to our life-giving sun and all eight planets in its orbit by way of the creative artistry Takamine has been known for since the forward- looking LTD Series was first introduced in 1987.

Specs and photos of the LTD2024 can be HERE

As handsome and thought-provoking as the LTD2024 is visually, it is Takamine’s reputation for delivering true, acoustic tone for top name performing artists worldwide that remains at the heart of the brand’s identity, and of what the remarkably gifted guitarists, TarO and JirO of GoodMoon are here to remind us.

Takamine Guitars is very proud and honored to participate in the musical creations of GoodMoon and their bright future.