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Takamine Guitars Independent in the Global Market

February 24, 2015

Takamine Guitars Independent in the Global Market

Takamine Guitars, established in 1962, is proud to announce that it has completed its 2015 Global Distribution Reconfiguration.

Over the course of the last year, Takamine embarked upon a massive journey to free itself from a long term distribution relationship with the once Kaman Music Corporation later known as KMC Music Corp a division of Fender Musical International Corporation. Takamine took the steps of terminating distribution relationships with Fender in several dozen countries around the world, including the United States and Canada. 

As of February 2015, Takamine can proudly say that it is the only source of Takamine branded guitars on the planet, independent, and partnering with over 30 distributors around the world to bring our fine product to market.

At the same time, Takamine Guitars is very excited and eager to announce to the guitar industry that it has re-established its longtime Canadian distribution relationship with B & J Music which is now a division of JAM Industries. Together, Takamine & JAM Industries intend to bring Takamine to the forefront of the Canadian music industry with world-class instruments delivered through JAM's extraordinary sales & marketing team in Canada.

Also of great pride for Takamine, the ESP Guitar Company, celebrating 40 years in the guitar business with their mostly electric instruments, has teamed up with Takamine Guitars to be the United States distributor for Takamine Guitars.  ESP's wealth of experience and powerful relationships with musicians, dealers, and industry professionals will now be able to bring a world famous acoustic and acoustic-electric guitar to its portfolio. Takamine could not be happier to have found a partnership in the staff of ESP Guitar Company here in the USA market. Together, this powerful duo will escort Takamine to the front of the stage here in the United States market. 

For the many professional colleagues in the music industry who have assisted Takamine Guitars through this turning point transition in the company's history, Takamine gives a heartfelt ARIGATO.

"The Legacy Continues"