LTD2015 Renge-So

The LTD-2015 is a special expression of more than 50 years of tradition and craftsmanship instilled in our talented builders who create Takamine Guitars.

The fingerboard and pickguard are artfully adorned with delicate imagery of the flower called RENGE-SO which symbolizes the Gigu Prefecture in Central Japan. This flower grows at the foot of the Takamine mountain, which provided the original inspiration for our Takamine Guitar name and has long served as its ancestral home. The graceful RENGE-SO adorns this elegantly appointed instrument with the spirit of Takamine and its Japanese homeland.

We hope you draw as much inspiration from this guitar as we have from the manygifted musicians who choose Takamine to create their individual musical voice.

The Takamine LTD-2015 guitars are built in limited quantity with a combination of design and features that will never be duplicated.


Model # LTD2015 RENGE-SO
Top Solid Spruce
Back Solid Rosewood
Sides Rosewood
Neck Mahogany Gloss Finish
Finger Board Ebony
Finger Board Inlay RENGE-SO(Green Abalone & M.O.P.)
Body Purfling wood purfling (Blue)
Nut Width (42.5 mm)
Electronics CTP-3
Case GC500
Finish Gloss Black

NEX Body

This original Takamine body is a scaled-down Jumbo at heart. The NEX has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.