Each Takamine body is defined by the construction, materials and specifications which achieve a particular tonal result. Browse the list below to locate the body that suits your playing style, then make a selection to view the available models.
Guitars By Series - Classical

Classical Body

Takamine classic guitars respect tradition. The fan bracing and body shape deliver a clear tone and a strong voice.

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The most popular body shape of the past half century, the Dreadnought delivers a strong low end with plenty of volume.

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FXC Body

The FXC is very close to the traditional Grand Concert proportions. Excellent feedback control with a true and warm acoustic tone.

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Guitars By Series - Jumbo

Jumbo Body

The Jumbo excels as a rhythm guitar - big, meaty chords, plenty of volume and outstanding balance.

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Guitars By Series - New Yorker

New Yorker

The New Yorker is our smallest full-scale guitar. Super comfortable to play when seated or standing, the tone is sweet and clear with a frequency range that makes it stand out in the mix.

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NEX Body

This original Takamine body is a scaled-down Jumbo at heart. The NEX has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.

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Guitars By Series - Bass


Takamine puts more than half a century of guitar-craft expertise into some of the world’s finest acoustic-electric bass guitars.

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Guitars By Series - Ukulele


Sweet sounding, easy to play, 4 String traditional Ukuleles from Takamine.

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