Will the Cool Tube preamp or the CT4B II preamp work in my G-series Takamine?

No. The Cool Tube and CT-4BII preamps are designed for use only in Pro Series Takamine guitars made in Japan. They are not compatible with G Series guitars and electronics.

How can I get parts for my guitar?

Contact your place of purchase to order parts. You’ll need to provide the model and serial number of the product to do this, and a copy of your sales receipt if the part is under warranty.

How many Limited Edition Models were produced in each year?

Limited Edition models were produced in the following quantities from 1987 onward:
LTD87: 400
LTD88: 400
LTD89: 800
LTD90: 1000
LTD91: 1000
LTD92: 1200
LTD93: 1200
LTD94: 1200
LTD95: 1200
LTD96: 1200
LTD97: 1500
LTD98: 2000
LTD99: 1750
LTD2000: 1700 (six left-handed)
LTD2001: 1400 (six left-handed)
LTD2002: 1100 (12 left-handed)
LTD2003: 900 (12 left-handed)
LTD2004: 530 (six left-handed)
LTD2005: 620 (12 left-handed)
LTD2006: 600
LTD2007: 500 (four left-handed)
LTD2008: 685 (eight left-handed)
LTD2009: 580 (six left-handed)
LTD2010: 280 (four left-handed)
LTD2011: 271 (four left-handed)
LTD2012: 50
LTD2013: 300
LTD2013 SE: 51

What brand/gauge strings are factory installed on Takamines?

Six-string steel guitars: D’Addario EXP16 light-gauge strings
Twelve-string guitars: D’Addario EXP38 light-gauge strings
Six-string nylon guitars: D’Addario EXP45 Coated Normal Tension strings

What kind of strings come on the TB10 Bass?

D’Addario XL Chrome Flat bass strings, gauges .050, .070, .085 and .105. You can, however, use whatever bass strings you prefer.

How much is my guitar worth?

The best source for information on the value of your instrument is your nearest authorized Takamine dealer, who is knowledgeable about the products and the market in your area. To locate dealers please visit our dealer finder.