Created in the spirit of “Iki”, which is the traditional aesthetic ideal that seeks to promote an emotional connection between the person and the object, the LTD2011 is this year’s offering in the continuing Limited Edition Series from Takamine Guitars. The unique feature sets on this instrument, handcrafted in our pro series facility that has been building precision quality instruments over five decades, will be offered only this year and never appear together again. This fine instrument is based on our NEX “small jumbo” platform which is designed for impeccable balance across the entire playable range. The voice is sweet and expressive, blends nicely with a singer but will also happily respond to more aggressive playing techniques with boldness and clarity. Aside from the impressive musical character of the guitar, there is the visually stunning application of shell and fabric brought to life in the form of Asian goldfish swimming about in the deep Indigo burst finish of the soundboard. Ripples are depicted by an artfully crafted inlay consisting of gold string that is traditionally used to wrap gifts given at weddings, used to symbolize the gift givers wishes of good health and fortune. Includes Takamine’s Palathetic™ pickup, known in the industry as one of the most accurate and natural sounding acoustic/electric pickups. The electronic performance package is beyond state of the art with the Cool Tube® Preamp – the first and only tube preamp in an acoustic guitar.


Top Solid Spruce
Back Solid Mahogany
Sides Mahogany
Finger Board Ebony
Electronics Cool Tube® CTP-2
Finish Gloss Indigo Burst

NEX Body

This original Takamine body is a scaled-down Jumbo at heart. The NEX has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.