The LTD-2016 is a special expression of more than 50 years of tradition and craftsmanship instilled within the team of talented artisans who create Takamine Guitars.

The fingerboard delicately and artfully portrays the Japanese fishing technique known as "Tomozuri" used to catch the Wild Ayu, or "Watermelon Fish" so called because of its similarly sweet, smell and taste.
This fascinating technique celebrated within the Gifu Prefecture (where Takamine's hometown is located) utilizes the territorial behavior of the Ayu fish by introducing a live, hooked decoy fish which the angry Ayu will then attack in dramatic fashion. Between the Ayu's extremely spirited nature and the fast-flowing rivers and rapids in which they dwell, pulling in the "Watermelon Fish" is known as a challenging and exhilarating experience.

We hope you draw as much inspiration from this guitar as we have from the many gifted musicians who choose Takamine to create their individual musical voice.

The Takamine LTD-2016 guitars are built in limited quantity with a combination of design and features that will never be duplicated.

LTD 2016 Decoy

Guitar Specs

Model # LTD2016 DECOY
Top Flamed Maple (Arched Top)
Back Flamed Maple (Arched Top)
Sides Flame Maple
Neck Maple
Finger Board Ebony
Finger Board Inlay Watermelon Fish
Body Binding Ivory
Nut Width (42.5 mm)
Electronics CTP-3
Case GC100
Finish Green Blue Burst

FXC Arched

The FXC is very close to the traditional Grand Concert proportions. Excellent feedback control with a true and warm acoustic tone.