[ LTD2022 ]

— 350 Pieces Limited Production World Wide —

Body Shape

image of a guitar outline in gold

Aside from being among the first Takamine models to feature the new Palathetic Pickup system, the circa 1969 PT-05E also gained attention for its creative combination of classical body shape and steel strings. This breakthrough model also triggered the initial widespread distribution of Takamine guitars in Japan.

Both the“THE 60TH” and “LTD2022” models bring a graceful cutaway to the silhouette and distinctive concept of Takamine’s ground-breaking PT-05E.

image of the ltd202 guitar interior wood body


close-up image of the ltd202 guitar interior wood body

The back and sides of the LTD2022 are made of the finest Hawaiian Koa, carefully selected by its beautiful figured grain, and employs a solid Sitka spruce top of matching color tone.

The top-graded spruce tops and specially shaped tone bar bracings are specifically designed to express the focused, dynamic nuances desired from a smaller body guitar.

Painting & FIller

The painting process begins with the application of a filler that simultaneously fills in the wood conduits and colors the wood.

Hawaiian Koa is a rare wood that comes in a wide variety of grain patterns and colors, so careful attention to the detail is essential in this process in order to achieve the perfect color tone for the top, back, and sides.

By adjusting the shade and consistency of the filler, the eyes and hands of an experienced craftsman is able to achieve desirable grain pattern and color uniformity of the natural wood according to their immediate inspirations and highly skilled sensibilities.

image of the ltd2022 production and staining
image of the ltd2022 production and staining with a roller
image of the ltd2022 production and staining with a rag
image of the ltd2022 production and staining finished product
image of the position mark logo in outline gold

Position Mark

To celebrate THE 60TH anniversary of the diamond wedding, a diamond image position-marker sits on the 12th fret.

This is precisely cut by laser cutting machine inspired by the design of the traditional diamond "excellent cut”.

These small facets of select acrylic materials of various reflective qualities are precisely cut by laser and carefully crafted by hand.

close-up view of the position mark abolone inlay
close-up view of the position mark positioning the abolone inlay
close-up view of the position mark abolone inlay finished

Body Trim

image of the body trim logo in gold

To befit Limited Edition status, the body of both models are trimmed with gorgeous abalone inlay.

The worthy and gorgeous abalone trim inlay applied to the top board of the LTD2022 has accentuated the feeling and texture of the spruce top board which is painted in matching the color tone of Hawaiian Koa on the Back & Sides.

close-up image of the ltd2022 trim inlay in multi-colors

Semi-Hard Case

image of the ltd2022 semi-hard case in a grey fabric and black trim

The SH-300A semi-hard case is made of special Styrofoam that conforms to the body form with fully protective dunnage inner construction, making it strong and lightweight. It can be carried on your back as well as in your hands, making it highly portable.


image of the ltd2022 guitar in mahogany

[ LTD2022 ]

  • SCALE 644mm
  • NUT-WIDTH 42.5mm
  • PRE-AMP CTF - 2N


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