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Takamine Tours Rank in Top 20 of 2018

The touring industry’s premier trade publication, Pollstar, has published its annual Top 20 Global Concert Tours and once again Takamine Guitars is well represented. Here is the class of 2018.

#4 - U2

This was U2’s first tour with Takamine. Bono and The Edge attended “Springsteen on Broadway” last January and Bruce’s acoustic tone blew them away, launching them headlong towards Takamine. By the time their “Experience + Innocence Tour” cranked up that spring, The Edge was accompanying Bono solo-acoustic on “Staring at the Sun” with an EF341SC. The classy, black cutaway has performed faithfully in that stand-alone spot ever since.


#6 – The Eagles

With Deacon Frey and Vince Gill stepping in for the late, great (and irreplaceable) Glenn Frey, the fans have registered their wholehearted approval by showing up in droves for their Eagles fix. Aside from playing his father’s 25 year old #1 EF360S (EF360GF) and some of Glenn’s vintage Tak 12 strings, Deacon has adopted a TF77-PT as his latest go-to acoustic. Joe Walsh still favors his P6JC-12-BSB and Don Henley his TF77-PT, EF261SAN and P3NC.


#7 – Kenny Chesney

Unless Kenny is taking the summer off, you can always count on the mighty Tennessean to show up on this list. His show is that good and his fans that loyal. Kenny’s Tak preferences alternate between his signature model KC70 and a well-played 23 year old EF317S.


#15 – Springsteen on Broadway

How does a show gross in the top 20 when the nightly venue is a 947 seat theater? The world is about to find out. Takamine has been privileged to be the only guitar on Springsteen’s stage for the entire two year run of his Tony winning acoustic show, but the brand about to take the ride of its life when on the night of December 16th, “Springsteen on Broadway” will begin streaming worldwide via Netflix to an estimated 120 million viewers in 190 countries. After dropping those kinds of numbers, there’s not much left to say. You’ll just have to watch the show to appreciate its power… and the role Takamine plays. Look for Bruce’s favorite P6N-BSB, EF341SC, EF381SC 12 string and perhaps a ghost or two from his acoustic vault.

A shout out to Garth Brooks who placed last year, took this year off, but will return next spring to launch a massive, three year stadium tour. We will see him in St. Louis in March - and on this list in December.

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Bruce on Broadway

The Eagles

KC Live

U2 Staring at the Sun