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Trisha Yearwood Returns with “Every Girl”

Once the charismatic and funny Trisha Yearwood has invited you into her living room, shared her favorite recipes via her Emmy Award winning Food Network show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen and her 3 New York Times Best Selling Cookbooks are perched on your bookshelf, you could almost forget that the Monticello, Georgia native is first and foremost a 3 time Grammys winning, 15 million album selling, music superstar.

Lucky for us all, the release of Every Girl in This Town, her first studio album in 11 years, is here to reacquaint us all with the essential Trisha Yearwood and fill the musical void left in her absence. The 14 song collection featuring duets with Don Henley, Kelly Clarkson, Patty Loveless and husband Garth Brooks does just that.

 “Right before I started the cooking show eight years ago, my mom passed away,” she recalls. “The show was like therapy, especially because my mom and dad were really good cooks. Cooking those recipes and telling our stories helped my sister Beth and I keep their memories alive. Then, I went on 400 shows with Garth. In order to do this right, I needed to be in a space where I could just breathe and listen to songs. One day, I looked up and thought, ‘I didn’t mean for eleven years to pass. As much as I love all of these other things I’m doing, music feeds my soul. I have to do this for me’. Making both records was so gratifying. It reminded me that I don’t want to ever let that much time pass again before I make more music.”

Abetted by this perspective and time, Trisha dove into assembling Every Girl. With longtime producer Garth Fundis. The introductory single and title track Every Girl in This Town set the tone for the record. Pairing delicate clean guitar with Trisha’s dynamic delivery, it crescendos toward a vibrant and vivid refrain as it transmits an empowering reminder.

Recently Trisha performed the single Every Girl in This Town along with Working on the Whiskey during a Jimmy Kimmel performance in Los Angeles last week and the incredible multi-instrumentalist and Tak player Jimmy Mattingly, who somehow manages to move seamlessly between both Trisha and Garth’s band, covered the prominent acoustic guitar parts in full and deliberate fashion.

Mattingly, who has incorporated several Takamine models over the years including the Pro Series P7NC and EF360GF Glenn Frey Signature Model, currently favors the cedar top, satin finish P3D for both tours. But for Trisha’s recent TV swing in LA, Mattingly borrowed a circa 2009 Takamine TAN15C, as his usual gear did not make the trip.

Check out Trisha Yearwood’s powerful performance of Working on the Whiskey featuring Jimmy Mattingly and the band.