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The Road Garth is On Leads to #1 Country Tour of 2019

It’s that time of year when Pollstar Magazine’s year-end list for top selling tours is published, and Takamine signature artist, documentary subject Garth Brooks once again weighs-in with the #1 Country Tour.

Pollstar reported that the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year grossed $76.1 million in just 13 shows of the first year of an expansive, multi-year stadium tour. As usual, it was the warm, organic voice of Takamine guitars soaring from all points of Garth’s stage to the far reaches of those gargantuan venues.

It was this specific challenge of entertaining 80,000 fans as effectively and intimately as they would 8,000 that Garth addressed in a band rehearsal meeting prior to his first stadium tour as captured in Garth Brooks - The Road I'm On the critically acclaimed A&E Documentary where the best-selling solo artist of all time tells his life story, from early days playing gigs at college bars in Oklahoma and his first unsuccessful trip to Nashville, to his record breaking world tours and balancing family life with global fame.

And of course the evolution of Garth’s Takamine guitars is also evident in the documentary from his first EN15C (currently P3DC) to his signature model GB7C, both encompassing his cedar top satin finish sound now firmly established throughout Takamine’s current and popular Pro Series 3.

In the 5-star film productions such as Garth’s “The Road I’m On” and Bruce’s, Springsteen on Broadway the arrow-straight line between Takamine Guitar’s culture of dedication to craftsmanship and the hundreds of millions of fans touched by the music of these world famous artists is clearly evident - from Takamine’s hands to our hearts.

Other top-selling tours of 2019 that heavily employ Takamine guitars include Elton John at # 2, featuring Davey Johnstone’s EF360SC-TT and John Jorgenson’s JJ325-SRC / JJ325SRC-12, Bon Jovi and his 25 year old EF341SC coming in at lucky # 7, to Bob Seger and his P7D turning in the 14th highest earning tour. The semi-retired Eagles even managed to come in at # 26 playing their assortment of Tak models ranging from Don Henley’s EF261SAN and Deacon Frey’s TF77-PT to Joe Walsh’s P6JC-12-BSB.

Garth Brooks pointing to the crow while playing his guitar on stage