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John Anderson - Friends and Heroes - and an Award Show

There are no Takamine guitars in this video. Not one. Surprisingly, there’s not much of any acoustic guitar to be seen anywhere.

What this video does feature is the timeless and absolutely original voice of the great John Anderson delivering a brand new, honest-to-goodness country duet with Blake Shelton called Tuesday I'll Be Gone,   a song that feels like a visit from an old friend.

If you find yourself turning-up classic country tunes like “Straight Tequila Night”, “Seminole Wind” and “Swingin” and soaking-up this new duet like a dry sponge, then you’ve probably missed John Anderson’s voice too.

Anderson comes back around by way of Blake drafting him along with “friends and heroes”, Tracy Lawrence, The Bellamy Brothers and Laura Alaina for his 2019 tour. Thus was born the Friends and Heroes Tour. (For a peek at the inner-workings of Shelton’s blinding conceptual brilliance, check out this clip.)

The “Friends and Heroes” tour was such a blast for all involved that Blake decided to fire up 2020 by  taking up right where they left off, doing so with this delicious duet with Anderson. That’s very good news for deep rooted country fans everywhere.  The tour begins Feb 13th in Portland and weaves its way throughout the US for 16 stops including the Tacoma Dome, Allstate Arena in Chicago and the Forum in L.A.  See the complete itinerary here.

In other Blake related news, he and the lovely Gwen Stefani performed their new duet Nobody But You  live for an intimate audience of 10 million at the “62nd Annual Grammy Awards”.  Blake played his vintage Tak TAN15C and the reigning CMA Musician of the Year, Jenee Fleenor employed her EF450C-TT TTB from Takamine’s celebrated Thermal Top Series.

Checkout the awesome Nobody But You video directed by longtime Stefani collaborator, Sophie Muller.  It doesn’t have any guitars in it either.



Jon Anderson – Alysse Gafkjen

Gwen & Blake – Monty Brinton / CBS