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The Voice Goes Remote

So how does a 4 time Emmy Winning top rated musical competition series known for its stellar production values (akin to the Grammy’s, twice a week, every week) forgo all the glitz, glamour and fired up live audience and still manage maintain its appeal?  Evidently, the beating heart of the popular program still comes down to one thing – The Voice

With contestants capturing their at-home performances with production kits of cameras and audio equipment sent to them, and judges weighing in from their own remote abodes, The Voice went live for its first at-home show Tuesday and led primetime ratings with 7.15 million viewers.

Weighing in from his home in Oklahoma, sporting a freshly cultivated mullet compliments of “The most expensive hair dresser in the world” aka, sweetheart Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton was still Blake Shelton, which seemed to go a long way toward The Voice still being The Voice.

Situated behind Blake, leaning against a wood paneled wall was one of Blake’s home guitars, a well-played EF360SC-TT. We describe it as “one of his home guitars” because 2 weeks ago the sequestered Blake and Gwen livestreamed an acoustic performance of their recent #1 single Nobody But You  and Blake was playing a different Takamine, a G Series GD71CE-NAT. The livestream is quickly approaching 1 million views on YouTube.

Getting back to the show, executive producer of The Voice, Audrey Morrissey, recently said in a statement; “Reinventing the live shows has allowed us to create innovative ways to bring ‘The Voice’ to life in a fresh and intimate way. We are excited to share a unique ‘Voice’ experience that will feel both new and familiar.” To her point, the setting looks new, but the Takamine looks very familiar.