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Jacob Johnson Acoustic Caffeinated

If you are already familiar with guitarist Jacob Johnson and his music, then you, like Jacob, are ahead of the curve. If not, it is our privilege to make the introduction.

Our first offering of a Jacob Johnson original is Old Soul a gorgeous instrumental and the latest single from the talented South Carolinian. “Old Soul” showcases both Johnson’s classic sense of melody and command of the fretboard. A true two-handed player, Jacob can wind-up an acoustic guitar with the best of them, thus the term “Acoustic Caffeinated”. But Johnson offers no 6 string trickery for chop’s sake. Rather, “Old Soul” like many of his compositions, is a welcome example of playing prowess with a purpose. It’s a song you’ll want to hear again and again, and maybe even learn to play.

This second clip, Jacob’s live performance of Goodnight Chorus was our first exposure to Johnson, and even before the song had ended, we knew it would not be our last. As Jacob describes the song: “It’s about all the beautiful people we cross paths with through music. The audiences who come listen; the waiters, techs and promoters hard at work at the venue; the other musicians we share stages with; and even the characters we make up and put in our songs. You're probably in here somewhere too”.  

When not on the road, Jacob is adjunct guitar instructor at North Greenville University and also teaches via his guitar instruction videos. In a key piece of advice Jacob suggests; “The guitar that makes you a better guitarist is the guitar that you play the most, the guitar that you pick up and can’t put down” Obviously that guitar for Jacob Johnson is the Takamine P3DC featured in both performances. Look, listen and you’ll have to agree, the man and guitar are well suited and share a history.

Takamine’s Pro Series 3 models have gained the well-earned reputation as extremely responsive, extra-live guitars that are particularly easy to bond with. The softer-than-spruce, solid cedar top with slim satin finish is carefully crafted to speak clearly and distinctly with an extra presence that can be felt as well as heard. Watching Johnson’s performances, it’s clear that he and his P3DC have bonded.

Click-on to Jacob Johnson’s Facebook, YouTube and entire online catalog for the treasure trove of guitar-centric performances, any one of which can make your day.