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Takamine Hosts Sean Rowe Live Stream Event This Sunday

We had so much fun last time, we’re doing it again.

This Sunday, June 14th at 1:00 pm EST, the incomparable Sean Rowe will take you for a ride via a 1 hour live stream event at

Anyone familiar with Sean Rowe knows can deliver more punch, power and raw feeling with just a vocal and acoustic guitar that most artists can with a full band - and while virtually any Sean Rowe performance bears this out, one of our favorite examples is this 2014 cover of Richard Thompson’s 1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

The song about a man’s passion for his prized motorcycle and his girl (in that order) has been covered by many artists, but never like this. Armed only with his EN10CAN (sister to current P1DC-SM from Takamine’s popular Pro Series 1), Rowe takes you on an 8 minute heart pounding, wind-blown ride on the iconic, vintage speed machine. And when finished, as one viewer so perfectly put it, “you can smell the hot metal and oil”.  

Between Rowe’s performance prowess, astonishing songwriting, and reputation as a world class forager, Sean Rowe might be one of the most interesting and talented humans you may have come across in a long time, making this Sunday’s Live Stream Event mandatory viewing.

Here are a couple more Sean Rowe videos to whet your appetite.


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and dial in the Sean Rowe’s Live Sream event this Sunday, June 14th @ 1:PM EST. at