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He has released 10 studio albums, won 4 CMAA Awards, 4 ARIA Awards, 3 APRA Awards, 2 NIMA Awards, 37 Golden Guitar Awards, clocked 32 #1 singles, and recently come full circle by inking a worldwide deal with Sony Music Entertainment Australia who first signed him in 1995, launching his 30 (and counting) year record-breaking career. His name is Troy Cassar-Daley, and if you don’t know him yet - you should.

We could bludgeon you with more bio, which by the way in the case of this talented son of a Maltese-Australian father and Aboriginal mother is particularly interesting and relevant, or we could just continue the intro by way this guitar-vocal home recording of a freshly penned original, captured shortly after rolling out of bed.

This clip of I Almost Had a Drink Last Night, begins with Troy wiping the sleep from his eyes, mumbling “It’s funny the songs you write in isolation” then proceeding to perform as powerful a country song as has ever been written. Is it any wonder Troy is so beloved in his native Australia, or any clearer that his talents are world-class?

Troy Cassar-Daley has been a Takamine guy pretty much from the start. In fact, tracking his vast catalog of videos is somewhat akin to thumbing through old Takamine catalogs. Troy’s early preference for Takamine was influenced in large part by Tak’s substantive artist roster (of which he is now a member) and then supported and maintained in first-class fashion by Troy’s dear friends at Pro Music Australia.

In I Almost Had a Drink Last Night Troy is playing a P3FCN from Takamine’s popular Pro Series 3.

While the somewhat soft, round sound of the a hybrid-type nylon string seems the perfect voice for first thing in the morning consumption, the extremely balanced top-to bottom tone of the P3FCN as projected by the super-responsive satin-finished solid cedar top, delivers the ideal accompaniment to Troy’s truth-filled voice - all by way of a single microphone.

This solo performance of Shadows on the Hill, addresses a dark episode of Troy’s local history involving his Aboriginal heritage and speaks directly to the deadly truths of racism. It is just one of many examples of Cassar-Daley’s profound talent for not wasting a single word or note. In this performance Troy plays his go-to P6N-BSB and allows the drop D tuning to have its say.

Takamine Guitars is extremely proud of, and grateful to be Troy Cassar-Daley's choice for acoustic guitar. He is the perfect example of why we do what we do. Join us in congratulating him on the signing of his new worldwide record deal with Sony Music Entertainment Australia.