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The Essential Karla Davis

It’s been a minute since we checked in with Karla Davis. It was time.

When the soulful singer/songwriter first captured our hearts back in 2009, she was fresh out of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she played soccer on a scholarship and decided to learn to play guitar her senior year. She did, and was soon posting performances on a relatively new website called, YouTube quickly building a fan base that included us.

Armed with a soulful singing voice born in the church, a naturally magnificent gift for songwriting and a recently acquired Takamine LTD-2009, Karla entered the Colgate Country Showdown, the prestigious nationwide talent contest … and won.

Within a few weeks she was on her way to Nashville and Takamine Guitars was proudly announcing Karla Davis as the newest member of our artist roster.

Since then Karla has made a name for herself within the industry as the first rate singer/songwriter with a well-earned reputation for piercing hearts. Collaborating with the likes of the Grammy winning, Gordon Kennedy who went on to produce many of her recordings, Karla made appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, Late Night w/ Jimmy Kimmel as well as season 2 of The Voice where she performed beautifully, gaining national exposure.

Karla’s Tak collection grew to include the, P3NY and an EAN15BC-TT, a custom Thermal Top version of the classic EAN15C from our circa 2007 Super Natural Series (similar to current EF360SC-TT) all of which serve different purposes and can be seen and heard in any number of her engaging  YouTube performances.

We knew Karla had married, given birth to a beautiful baby girl and was enjoying family life. But in these times of cancelled tours and closed clubs, when even Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café (where Karla was often featured) had gone dark, we needed to know that Karla Davis was still in touch with the muses and intended to carry on as the essential artist she is.

Do birds still sing?

In this recent clip of Karla in her backyard with that custom Thermal Top, she shares a new original song titled Sink, and settles the question. The combination of her wonderful 6 string touch, and a vocal style that might best be described as “ effortlessly perfect”, Karla reminds us why we first fell for her way back when. An airliner’s rude fly-by threatens to spoil the mood, but Karla’s magic prevails. And by the end of the song, where an audience of approving humans would ordinarily applaud enthusiastically, a solitary Tennessee Cardinal chirps-in with what we’re pretty sure was a request for more.

Yes, Karla…please.

For just two examples of the many heart-piercing Karla Davis songs, check out God and Me featuring her P3NY and Shine Your Light  written for her then unborn daughter, Charlie.