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The Accidentals / How Many Hands

The year 2020 will be forever remembered as the year we’d just as soon forget. With Mother Earth showing her stress and strain and an unchecked pandemic having its way, it might appear to an outsider that this whole survival thing may be a little too complicated for the human species. This is of particular concern to the generation tasked with repairing it all.

Savannah Buist, Katie Larson and Michael Dause, of The Accidentals toured almost the entire year of 2019 (and the 5 years previous) witnessing first-hand the increasingly unprecedented number of wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and whiteouts sprouting across the continent. Self-admitted science podcast nerds, Sav, Katie and Michael applied what they were learning to what they were seeing and feeling the weight.

The song How Many Hands (does it take to get a grip), the band’s illuminating distress flare, was originally written for the purpose of getting out the vote in tandem with organizations like and Head Count and IVoted. Considering at least 161 million Americans, the largest number of voters in US presidential election history, we are encouraged that perhaps we may in fact have enough hands to turn things around. No pressure.

Being the touring machine they are, the band has relied heavily on Takamine guitars as their primary acoustic-electrics. Now off the road until further notice, Sav’s whiskey brown P5DC-WB dread cutaway and Katie’s sunburst P6NC and the gorgeous EF450CTT-BSB from the popular TT Series make regular podcast appearances from the band’s Traverse City Michigan studio. “We’ve been able to do a lot of live streaming to make up for some of the losses we felt from cancelled shows and also have amazing fans who have our backs and help us out” said drummer, Michael Dause who occasionally assumes guitar duties with The Accidentals, but considers the EF508KC from Takamine’s Legacy Series his primary instrument on solo projects under his own name as well as Treeskin.

If we have learned anything from working all these years with this important band, particularly this past one, it’s that The Accidentals are absolutely, positively, unbelievably unstoppable - and for that, we are extremely grateful.

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Photo Credit - Cheryl Holladay