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Have a Jacob Johnson, Charley Brown Christmas

Submitted for your holiday enhancement, a Christmas classic performed by the talented and treasured friend of Takamine, Jacob Johnson.

For some reason, acoustic guitars and Christmas have always gone together. Maybe it’s the way holiday songs sound on a six string. Or maybe it was Christmas morning when that very first one showed up. Regardless, Jacob Johnson’s spirited rendition of Christmas Time is Here  via his vintage, well played EAN10C (currently P3DC) seems to offer the perfect infusion of holiday spirit and acoustic guitar magic to usher in the season – and escort 2020 out the door.

The song Christmas Time is Here, was written by pianist Vince Guaraldi for the 1965 animated special, A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Interestingly, network executives and sponsors who previewed the program at the time, deemed it a dud and would have shelved it had the air-time not already been purchased.  As divine intervention might have it, the 30 minute program broadcast on December 9th 1965 and A Charlie Brown Christmas became a perennial favorite and Christmas Time is Here the official Peanuts Theme.

In retrospect it’s easy to see how the slow moving, low energy, largely experimental, animated special about a depressed Charlie Brown and his crappy Christmas tree might escape the appreciation of those commercially inclined. But as it turns out, that was the point.

Charlie’s thumb-sucking, blanket-carrying friend, Linus, never really said much, but when he did, he tended to nail it. Here is Linus' famous speech about the true meaning of Christmas from that now classic special.

For the full Jacob Johnson Christmas experience, check out his 11 song, Wild and Sweet Album.  Meanwhile here’s a bonus track featuring Jacob’s White Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Jacob Johnson and your friends at Takamine Guitars.

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