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Takamine’s Limited Edition Legacy Continues with LTD-2021 ‘Blue Rose'

The rose has long been a powerful symbol of love and romance. Greek goddesses, Japanese Emperors, Egyptian Queens and English Kings all coveted the fragrant flower. They wore them, tossed them, made beds of them, covered lovers with them - there has even been a war of them. And to this day, twelve of them in any color, presented as one, is a skeleton key to the heart.

But it is the blue rose that is said to be the most desirable. As it has existed for centuries only in art and literature, the illusive blue rose has long been a symbol for the unattainable, the magical, the wishful and the impossible - or in this case, the pursuit of ultimate perfection.

It is in this spirit of the quest for the rarest of beauty that the artisans at Takamine Guitars, proud sons and daughters of a centuries old culture dedicated to hand crafted excellence, introduce the LTD-2021 Blue Rose.

At first blush, it is the charcoal blue color, sultry sloped shoulder and tasteful inlays of the LTD-2021 that dial you in. But it is a close look at the seven blue roses gracefully winding their way up the fingerboard that speak to the delicate perfection at play with this creation. Clearly not your typical inlay, each blue rose is individually crafted of gently layered fabric and dyed blue by way of the traditional “AZIOME” method using natural dye from plants. It is this cherished “AZIOME method for casting color for which Takamine’s hometown, Gifu is known, and a classic example of the age old artisan culture in which embodies Takamine.

Even with this breathtaking attention to detail, the most satisfying surprise of the LTD-2021 does not reveal itself until you strike a note or strum a chord. With its rare combination of crystal clarity and warm, rounded balance, the Blue Rose, like most every Takamine guitar ever built, is full of music and made to be played.

The first Takamine LTD was introduced in 1987 to celebrate Takamine’s 25th Anniversary, setting the stage for an entirely new and unique LTD offering every year since.

The talented and dedicated builders at Takamine Guitars hope you draw as much inspiration from the LTD-2021 as they do from the many gifted musicians who choose Takamine to create their individual musical voice.