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The Accidentals Unleash “Wildfire”

The Accidentals new single, “Wildfire” will drop this Friday, January 29th at the Ann Arbor Folk Fest at 4:00 pm PST.  Co-written with the great Kim Richey, the song will be performed via live-stream from “The Ark” (in Savanna and Katie’s back yard) with string accompaniment by fellow Michigan musicians Jordan Hamilton and Erin Zindle on cello and violin.

New Accidental releases are always fun, we learned long ago that this band always has something good up their orchestral, folk-pop, indie sleeve,  and without hearing a note in advance,  just knowing who the song’s parents are, (Sav, Katie and Kim) we would bet the farm that ‘Wildfire” will be something extra special.

Also, check out this cool interview Katie Larson and Savanna Buist did for Takamine Showcase 2021 where they discuss their favorite Taks Pro Series P5DC-WB and Thermal Top EF450SC-TT as well as tunings, Cool Tubes and the turbulence and turmoil of touring. Truly.

Do yourself a favor and pre-save “Wildfire” here and tune-in to the first live performance of what promises to be an Accidental classic.