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Bernard "Harv" Harvey Chooses the PB5-ANS Bass

Check out Justin Bieber's recent NPR Tiny Desk Home Concert performance of his mega hit Holy featuring Justin’s bassist and Musical Director, Bernard "Harv" Harvey and his Takamine PB5-ANS acoustic bass.

Harv, a son of Kansas City, KS with a degree in Music Technology from Alabama State University, initially made his mark in 2009 playing bass on major recordings by Grammy winning producer, Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford such as “Lemonade” by Gucci and “A Kiss” by Eminem.

By 2010 Harv was on the road playing bass for Justin Bieber who was managed by the iconic record executive Scooter Braun. Braun soon recognized Harv’s own massive talents and signed him to Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) as writer and producer. In 2012 Harv became an artist under Scooter Braun’s management.  

Harv was initially drawn to the warm antique finish of the PB5-ANS and an unplugged test-drive of the jumbo cutaway enhanced the attraction. But it wasn’t until the pickup and CT4-DX preamp of the bass were employed in rehearsal and the instrument’s impressive punch and clarity faithfully delivered that the PB5-ANS earned its way into Harv’s hands and on to Justin’s stage.

 “I really enjoy playing the PB5-ANS, because of its amazing tone”, said Harv. ‘I’m happy to be part of the family”.

For the PB5-ANS to be incorporated and appreciated by the talented and discerning Bernard ‘Harv” Harvey, is a great honor.

(photo credit: Rory Kramer)

Bernard Harvey playing his guitar