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Kennedy Center Honors Garth Brooks

Kennedy Center Honors Garth Brooks

Riding along with Garth on his journey from upstart singer-songwriter to best-selling solo artist in U.S history, we’ve seen him win lots of awards. Among them, 45-ACMs, 21-AMAs, 23-Billboard Music Awards, 17-CMAs and 13-Grammys. But there was something pretty special about The Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC recognizing Garth Brooks for his contributions to American culture.

Maybe it was James Taylor singing “The River”, Kelly Clarkson, “The Dance” or Gladys Knight making “We Shall Be Free” her own - or maybe it was seeing our old friend in the honored company of Dick Van Dyke, Joan Baez, Midori Goto and Debbie Allen - but Garth being awarded the iconic Kennedy Center medallion seemed to pack a punch. The big guy seemed to feel the same way.

More often than not, such honors celebrate the entirety of an artist’s achievements during the reflective autumn of their careers.  Obviously the good folks at the Kennedy Center knew that waiting for Garth’s rocking-chair era could take a decade or two and that they best do it now while he’s standing still.

Meanwhile Garth’s 3 year North American Stadium Tour is emerging from hibernation to a growing list of record-setting, sold-out shows, as an extremely happy band and crew prepare for all things bigger and better. And of course, in pretty much every show, in every song, in one band-member’s hands or another, a Takamine Guitar will be doing precisely what it was hand-crafted to do.

So congrats to Garth for the Kennedy Center honoring his 30 years of stellar contributions. Well deserved.

Now let’s go.


Garth Brooks and other Kennedy Center and other winners at the Kennedy Center wearing rainbow ribbons

Garth Brooks smiling while holding his guitar

Garth Brooks hat with Kennedy Center rainbow ribbon on it