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Springsteen’s Back on Broadway

Springsteen on Broadway, Bruce’s award winning autobiographical one man show, is back for a limited run of 31 performances beginning June 26th through September 4th at the St. James Theater in New York City.

The original run of Springsteen on Broadway launched in Oct of 2017, also slated as a one-month-only production, was twice extended until finally wrapping in December of 2018 after 236 critically acclaimed performances. Bruce won a Tony - the show was filmed for Netflix - and supposedly that was that.

But Broadway principals looking to jump-start an entire entertainment genre brought to its knees, wisely approached Bruce about a possible reprise. Considering how much Bruce enjoyed it the first time, and with no E-Street-related plans until 2022, it’s no wonder the Boss said yes. It also goes without saying that any upcoming offering would feature new content and an amended set list.

And while preparations are still underway (at this writing), it would appear that Takamine will once again serve as Bruce’s go-to acoustic in an over two-hour production driven largely by acoustic guitar/vocal (and piano) performances - and that the P6N-BSB from Takamine’s Pro-Series 6 will again serve as Springsteen’s primary 6-string.

Tickets for Springsteen on Broadway will go on sale Thursday, June 10 at 12pm ET through the show’s official ticketing provider SeatGeek. See a full list of performances and information on purchasing tickets here.

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur / Netflix

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway one man show

Bruce Springsteen playing on stage