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The Undeniable Kezia Gill

If you’re among the many familiar with the soulful British singer-songwriter, Kezia Gill, her sweep at last month’s BCMA Awards (Album, Song and Entertainer of the Year) was likely no surprise. Kezia’s critically acclaimed 2018 debut album, Kezia firmly established her arrival upon the British music scene and the two that followed, Dead Ends and Detours and Best Worst Year firmly solidified that status. Gill’s latest EP, The Mess I Made was named 2021 BCMA Album of the year.

For those who have yet to encounter Kezia Gill’s distinctive blend of folk, Irish, country, rock and blues, no single genre defines her - and no single song scratches the surface. But this recent solo acoustic performance of the BCMA Song of the Year, I'm Here on her vintage Takamine LTD 1998 may be as good an introduction as any.

Born in Nottingham to a large musical family of Irish descent and a professional musician father who serves as favorite inspiration, it takes only a few notes of Kezia’s Celtic toned vocals to know those roots run deep. Blend in the rock, blues and country influences with electric live performances (BCMA Entertainer of the Year) and instinctively good songwriting and you have the undeniable musical force that is Kezia Gill.

After a solid 10 years of service, Kezia felt her trusty LTD-98 might like a little sister to share the stage. So during a recent break in touring, she made her way home to the delivery she’d been waiting for.

Join Kezia here as she shares the revealing of the newest member of her Takamine family, the beautiful wine-red GN75CE-WR from Takamine’s G70 Series.

Takamine Guitars is proud to be the go-to musical partner for the wonderful Kezia Gill.

Kezia Gill BCMA awards 2021

Kezia Gill showing her guitar

Kezia Gill playing guitar on stage