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Eagles Announce 2022 Hotel California Extended Tour Dates

The Eagles – Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit, with Deacon Frey and Vince Gill – have extended the Hotel California 2022 Tour with concerts being added in Cleveland, OH; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Pittsburg, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Columbus, OH; Buffalo, NY; Belmont Park, NY; Nashville, TN; Tulsa, OK; and Salt Lake City, UT. Each show will feature the Hotel California album played from beginning to end, accompanied by orchestra and choir, along with an additional set of the band’s greatest hits.

It is common knowledge that founding member, Glenn Frey was among the first to incorporate Takamine Guitar’s game-changing on-board electronics in live performance.

Perhaps less known is that the Eagles employment of Takamine dates well before the 1979 introduction of the Palathetic Pickup. The next time the iconic 12-string intro to the classic 1976 recording of Hotel California wafts your way, know that you are you are listening to a mic’d Takamine F385.

Among the Takamine guitars likely to be seen and heard during these upcoming Eagles performances include the cedar-topped, OM-sized TF77-PT which Don Henley originally acquired during the recording of his impressive 2015 solo album, Cass County. So sweet and sonically satisfying is the solid Hawaiian Koa back and sides TF77-PT that Deacon Frey adopted the model as his #1 six-string as well.

Deacon will also be seen playing one Tak or another from his father’s vast stash, including a circa 1999 FD400SC 12-string - and on occasion, Glenn’s original #1, 1992 EF360S from which his signature model EF360GF was cloned.

Meanwhile, the sunburst, jumbo cutaway P6JC-12 from Takamine’s spruce topped, flame maple back and sides Pro-Series-6 is no stranger to the magic hands of the great Joe Walsh.

If you’ve never heard the Eagles live, or (understandably) need to do so once again – here’s a rundown of those scheduled 2022 dates.

The Eagles playing on stage in front of packed crowd

Eagles Tour poster