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Accidentals Gift Us ‘Eastern Standard Time’

Our favorite trio of all time The Accidentals  just released a new single and video – that whether you realized it or not, you probably needed. Invest 3 minutes and 18 seconds of your day and take flight with the gorgeous, Eastern Standard Time. Then save it close by for when you need it again.

Co-written with Peter Mulvey, Eastern Standard Time is a love letter to the Upper Peninsula - the strip of natural beauty that connects Peter’s home state of Wisconsin and the Accidental’s home state of Michigan.

The ethereal track and arrangement combined with an equally transcendent video filmed by Elijah Allen, allows us to experience the majesty of an Upper Peninsula winters’ day as only a broad-tail hawk might. It is a welcome flight.

As is usually the case with this busy and prolific band, the release of a great new track precludes anticipated tour dates. In this case, Sav and Katie will be kicking off Feb 17th in Bellingham WA, swinging through much of the Midwest while sharing the stage with Nashville songwriting legends, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Kim Richey and Maia Sharp.

Among the Takamine guitars to be employed this time around include Sav’s go-to whiskey-brown P5DC-WB, Katie’s sunburst, NEX body P6NC from Tak’s popular Pro-Series-6 and the beautiful EF450C-TT-BSB from the acclaimed, seasoned-sounding Thermal Top (TT) Series.

A new Takamine, the EF400SC-TT was recently drafted into the Accidentals’ own Nashville based, Crooked Moon Studios where Eastern Standard Time was recorded– and while their new Time Out - Session #2 album will not be released until March 4th a sneak-peek at the tracks confirms what we already knew, that the gorgeously full-voiced EF400SC-TT Thermal Top 12-string was incorporated in typical, genius, Accidentals fashion.

The Time Out – Session #1 single, Wildfire, co-written with Kim Richie, was named No.1 song of the year by FAI Folk Radio Charts for 2021 – now Sav, Katie and Michael are poised to build on that success with the release of Session #2 featuring collaborations with some of Music City’s most prominent tunesmiths.

 If Time Out Session #1 was "an anthem for how to fix a broken America" as Rolling Stone cited, then Time Out Session #2 is the manual. The message is clear that connection, collaboration, and community are at the heart of healing. The Accidentals are bridging differences in generations and backgrounds to create unforgettable musical alliances - and Eastern Standard Time  is our entre next into the next chapter of this remarkable band’s career.  

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All 3 of the trio in blacj and white photo

One of the trio holding an acoustic guitar

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