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The P3FCN Ė Isnít She Lovely?

Check out this cool demo of the sweet and sleek P3FCN from Takís popular Pro-Series 3 by renowned Brazilian guitarist Gustavo Guerra. His cool rendition of Stevie Wonderís, Isnít She Lovely, featuring both fingerstyle to pick-driven technique demonstrate precisely why Takamine designed and hand-crafted the P3FCN.

The extra-live cedar top, satin finished Pro-Series 3 models gained popularity soon after Gerard Garnier of Takamineís longtime French distributor, Algam, spearheaded its development in 1985. It has since become one of the brandís best-selling series and a performing artist favorite.

If the full, round sound of a classical guitar and fast feel of a slimmer neck and 14 frets to the body sounds appealing, the hybrid, nylon string P3FCN is for you. Thanks to guitarist Derek Johnson from the Sona Jobarteh camp for turning us onto to the masterful Gustavo Guerra.


Gustavo Guerra & P3FCN