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Mitch Rossell Rises with Son

Mitch needed a new acoustic guitar. He wrote songs for a living and wanted a six-string that inspired –one with some songs in it.

It would also be nice if that guitar could somehow fill a massive venue with true acoustic tone, because one of his songs might become a big hit for Garth Brooks who might then ask him to be opening act for his stadium tour – just him and his guitar.

It could happen.

The songwriter is Mitch Rossell. The number one hit he wrote for Garth Brooks; Ask Me How I Know from Garth’s 10th album Gunslinger. The shows Mitch was asked to open for; the 2022 spring and summer dates of the Garth Brooks Stadium Tour - and the guitar Mitch would walk out on stage with; the Takamine CRN-TS1 slot-head, slope shoulder dreadnought from Takamine’s sonorous Thermal-Top Series.

So, we knew Mitch Rossell and we thought we knew his story, until a recent episode of America’s Got Talent (that we didn’t see coming) revealed the heart and soul of a Mitch Rossell that we didn’t know.

Watch and listen to Mitch laying it out by performing his autobiographical Son on national tv – the 3 long seconds of lit-fuse silence that followed – then the ringing blast of a live audience being detonated.

Takamine Guitars is deeply honored to play any roll whatsoever in the magic produced by the gifted Mitch Rossell.

Mitch Rossell on stage playing guitar

Venue with large crowd watching Mitch Rossell
Photo Credit: Trevor George

Mitch Rossell on stage at an outdoor venue