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Calista Garcia Delivers Cool Breeze with ‘Flowers in My Hair’

So, how’s your Summer been? Any seaside strolls, Ferris wheel rides or inklings of summer romance? Yeah, me neither.

Before you conclude that they just don’t make summers like they used to, check out Calista Garcia's, Flowers in My Hair shot at the one and only Coney Island, to feel the ocean breeze, dance in the sand and remember that once upon a time.  

From her most recent offering, Confessions recorded at Plyrz Studios and produced by Grammy Award winning Jim Scott (the Chicks, Tom Petty), Flowers In My Hair joins seven other impressive tracks that showcase Calista’s, Latin, blues and roots influences, infused with her innate pop sensibilities and served with imbedding melodies and smart lyrics, resulting in what has become the clearly unique and completely identifiable style of Calista Garcia

From the spring of 2020 when we first referenced Calista as a new classic, it was clear she was a musical force to be reckoned with. Since then, informed by heartbreak and tempered by a pandemic and killer tornado, Calista’s artistry has matured and evolved into an even more focused force that will draw you in and change your world - or at least your day.

Calista’s first Takamine, an EF740SGN (similar to the current EF261S-AN) was a Christmas present to the already melodically inclined 13 year old and served as her songwriting partner for some 100-plus tunes that would pour from the talented teen.

The more recently acquired EF341SC, (featured in the video) and equally essential EF381SC twelve-string, both from Takamine’s Legacy Series, have since rounded out Calista’s acoustic arsenal, effectively equipping her to handle virtually any live or studio setting.

So, we offer our deepest appreciation for Calista’s Flowers in My Hair as the much-needed cool breeze in this otherwise overheated season. And while we can’t officially recommend taking your Tak to the beach, we really can’t think of a good reason not to, particularly if you’re the amazing Calista Garcia sharing still another great song that we need.  

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