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Shane Fontayne Teams Up With Graham Nash

Guitarist Shane Fontayne has lent his talents to the likes of John Waite, Marc Cohen, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart and Sting – but for the last 5 years he has been working primarily with Graham Nash, David Crosby and Stephen Stills as part of CSN as well as Crosby Nash duo and solo tours and recordings. But it was as Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist during the 1992 Human Touch / Lucky Town tour that the talented Londoner received his first Takamine, when Bruce gifted him with an EF360SC. Shane has continued to use Taks live and on tour ever since.

Most recently Shane has produced and co-written Graham Nash’s new album ‘This Path Tonight’ and he and Graham are touring in support as an astonishingly powerful duo. “I am often told by people that they can’t believe it’s just two musicians creating all that sound” says Shane. “I play various electric guitars throughout the show and also my Takamine TNV360SC acoustic, which I love. I also have a P7NC with Cool Tube pre-amp that sounds spectacular.” Graham Nash and Shane Fontayne are currently touring Europe and will be returning to the States mid-July for another run in support of what is being called Graham’s best solo album yet (which is saying something). For more information on the Graham Nash ‘This Path Tonight’ album go to

Shane Fontayne