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Karla Davis Signs With Mapletop - To Release EP

It’s not surprising to learn that Karla Davis’ musical genesis, like so many other Southern born artists, is in the church choir. Just one listen to the soulful singer / songwriter from Monroe, NC and you know her feelings, like her talent, run deep and true. Evidently, the Grammy winning Gordon Kennedy and Jeff Balding of Mapletop Entertainment in Nashville felt the same, as they signed Karla to an exclusive record deal late last year. The soon-to-be released, acoustic-based project has already garnered support from several industry insiders and piqued the interest of many others anxious to hear it.

Karla Davis first made her mark after winning the Colgate Country Showdown in 2010 and being named Best New Act in Country Music. Shortly afterwards, armed with her new LTD2009 Takamine dream guitar, she took hard aim at the moon. Producers at NBC soon zeroed in on Karla’s talents and before she knew it, the recently graduated, soccer player from University of North Carolina Greensboro had found herself a featured contestant on Season 2 of The Voice. Thus began the YouTube clip-filled trajectory that would lead to Gordon and Jeff and this much anticipated project.

While her LTD-2009 and 2008 TAN77 have been Karla’s mainstay acoustics, a more recently acquired EF340S-TT (Thermal Top) has also been working its way into her set list. “Each offers its own voice and leads me to different places” says Davis. At the suggestion of friend, famed songwriter Danny Flowers, Karla recently experimented with putting heavier gauge strings on the new EF340S TT and tuning it down a full step. “As amazing as that guitar sounded tuned to regular pitch, it sounds even more amazing tuned down. I’m anxious to see where it takes me”. So are we, Karla Davis.

Karla Davis