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Ken Block’s New Tak

Watching Sister Hazel’s latest video That Kind of Beautiful and two things come to mind: after 20 years of recording and touring, these 5 guys from Gainesville, Florida are still nailing it - and Ken Block’s 12 year old EAN40C has definitely been in the thick of it. In fact, the well-worn cedar top satin finish NEX model (similar to current P3NC) is beginning to resemble Glen Hansard's 22 year old battle-worn NP15 - and as with Glen and “Horse”, Ken Block is considering giving his old friend a well-deserved rest.

So Ken contacted us about getting something new for Sister Hazel’s current tour. He specified no particular model, so we sent our top-of-the-line P7JC for him to try. After test driving the solid rosewood back and sides, jumbo cutaway for a handful of shows, Ken was sold. Aside from loving its big, balanced sound right out of the case, Ken was particularly impressed with the Takamine electronics’ ability to accurately amplify that natural warmth. “Nothing on the market compares with the Cool Tube pre-amp” said Block “especially with what I do. The versatility is incredible and its ability to cut through and find its own space with a full-on band situation is unreal”.

The new album Lighter in the Dark is getting rave reviews and is doing particularly well in of all places, the country charts. Go to Sister Hazel’s website for more info on the album and tour.

Ken Block