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Blake Gifts Voice Team with Taks

In keeping with what has become somewhat of a tradition, Team Blake’s final three contestants on The Voice were presented with brand new Takamine guitars by their beloved coach and longtime Takamine player Blake Shelton.

Courtney Harrell, the soulful singer-songwriter and single mom from Boston was given a beautiful figured Koa EF508KC, while Austin Allsup, the super- talented Texan (and son of legendary Buddy Holly Band member Tommy Allsup), was presented the classic black EF341SC dreadnaught cutaway, both models from Takamine's Heritage Series.

The third member, Sundance Head, another soulful singer with an impressive Texan pedigree, received the maple sunburst cutaway P6NC similar to the P6N that he borrowed from show-stash two for his performance of "The Climb" just two weeks ago.

This is Blake's 11th season on "The Voice" which still remains one of TV’s highest rated programs, drawing 10 million viewers twice a week.

Blake Shelton on the Voice