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Kiernan McMullan Releases "Baggage"


Kiernan McMullan was recording his new album and looking for an acoustic voice to compliment the EF261SAN that has served as his mainstay for the last 11 years.  Maybe a wide open dreadnought…

Meanwhile, Johnny Garcia, career-long guitarist for Trisha Yearwood and currently serving as same for husband Garth Brooks, was test driving acoustics for the Brooks tour. He is particularly impressed with one particular EF340S-TT (Thermal Top model) and deems it “The best sounding G chord I’ve ever heard”.  High praise from one of the best guitarists in town.

Yes, magically, that killer EF340S-TT ended up in the hands, and on the new album of the great Kiernan McMullan . The result is “Baggage” Kiernan’s latest collection and arguably his finest to date.  As always McMullan’s acoustic work shines and his EF261SAN contributes beautifully. But on a song or two, it is clear that the impressive EF340S-TT has made her recording debut.  A smiling photo of Kiernan and the TT speaks volumes. But listen for yourself.   ITunes  Spotify  Kiernan's Tak Profile


Kiernan Using His Takamine EF340S-TT

Kiernan Releases Baggage Album