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Micah Tyler Releases "Different"

When we first met the gifted singer-songwriter-worship leader, Micah Tyler just over a year ago, he was in search of an acoustic-electric touring partner for his 200 plus tour dates. Artist News July '16.

Micah was introduced to a sweet, sunburst, maple bodied P6N with classic Takamine electronics… and the two have been inseparable ever since.  

The talented Texan was in town to shoot a video for his latest single "Different" and stopped by to say hey. Suddenly surrounded by dozens of beautiful acoustics, Micah considered using a different Takamine for the video shoot. After flirting (briefly) with a few other models, Micah’s beloved P6N   worked her way back into his arms, and into this gorgeous song and video.

In addition to the cool acoustic-oriented version featured in the video, also check out this full production version.

Takamine Guitars is extremely proud of our association with the great Micah Tyler.

Takamine Guitars Micah Tyler

Takamine Guitars Micah Tyler