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Springsteen Extends Broadway Stay

Bruce Springsteen’s somewhat experimental and originally short termed in-residency project, “Springsteen on Broadway” has become the hottest show on Broadway.  Widespread acclaim and unprecedented demand have convinced the Boss to extend his stay a full 4 months, from Feb 28th until June 30th.

Anyone who assumed that Takamine Guitars, Bruce’s typical go-to acoustic, would play a key role in this show would have been correct. The intimate 2 hour blend of memoir and acoustic performance leans heavily on the services of several Taks old and new.

Aside from a couple of sunburst P6Ns (Bruce’s current favorite) Bruce also incorporates the familiar EF341SC and 12 string EF381SC  in the 15 song set. Bruce also summoned a few vintage pieces from his seasoned archive including the sunburst dreadnaught cutaway EF350SMCSB and Patty Scialfa’s mainstay EF261SBL.The essential Scialfa takes the stage with her husband for two songs.

Fans and critics alike have been extremely pleased with the way the Taks have sounded in the renown 975 seat Walter Kerr Theater. The Boss himself recently praised longtime sound engineer (and Takamine fan) John Cooper for how beautifully the Taks filled the room, the ultimate compliment from an uncompromising artist in the most telling of settings.

It should be stated that while we have worked with Springsteen for over 30 years, Bruce has no formal agreement or endorsement with Takamine Guitars whatsoever. In fact, during preparation for previous acoustic based projects such as his “Ghost of Tom Joad” and “Devils and Dust” tours, Bruce has been known to completely re-assess his acoustic-electric situation, extensively auditioning any and all acoustic brands and configurations in search of the absolute best available. In every case, Bruce has come full circle, back to Takamine Guitars.

Congrats to Bruce on his extended residency on Broadway. May uncle Tony pay you a visit.