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Garth Brooks Tour Sells 6.4 Million Tickets - Sets N. American Record

When Garth Brooks announced his plans for a comeback tour back in early 2014 there were some who questioned the outcome. Even Garth himself wondered who might be buying tickets for that first show in Chicago. After all, he had walked away from the industry over a decade earlier to raise his kids, and the term “out of sight, out of mind” is never truer than in the entertainment industry. But when Garth sold out Chicago’s Allstate Arena for 11 consecutive shows, even the doubters could see what was coming.

Over three years later, after Garth plays that last note in the final encore of that 7th sold out show in Nashville Dec 23rd, the tour that Brooks hoped would enjoy moderate success will have spawned close to 400 shows, sold over 6.4 million tickets and set a North American record not likely to be broken by anyone but himself.

For each and every show of this historic tour, during each and every song, a Takamine guitar (or 3) was on stage and in the mix, usually front and center in the hands of a sweating Garth GB7C and / or the incredibly talented hands of band members Karyn Rochelle P6NC, Jimmy Mattingly EF360GF and the great Bruce Bouton P5NC - well-earned stations by virtue of Tak’s great playability, unsurpassed reliability and unique talent for filling an arena with true acoustic tone.

So a heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Brooks, band and crew for pulling off a tour for the ages, and to the 6.4 million fans who were lucky enough to be there.

For an interesting and unbiased perspective on just how game-changing this Garth Brooks tour was, check out this recent piece by "Pollstar's" Ray Waddel.

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