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Blake Plays Latest Live

It’s always a thing of beauty to hear an acoustic guitar carry a song beginning to end…particularly live. The stunningly talented, Jenee Fleenor and her Thermal Top EF450C-TT are a match made in heaven in this recent performance of Blake’s latest single I Lived It on the Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon. Blake and his P5DC-WB also contribute nicely to this first-class performance of a great song.

“I Lived It” is the latest single from “Texoma Shore” widely regarded as Blake’s best album in years. Quite a statement considering his last 11 albums have charted in the top 10 and produced 24 number 1 singles (11 consecutive) - a tradition we suspect will continue with this great record.

We could try to describe how good these acoustics sound live.  Better to hear for yourself.

Blake Shelton - I Lived It - Live

Takamine Jenee Fleenor

Takamine Blake Shelton