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Spafford Goes Acoustic

Spafford, the in-demand jam band, had just come off a long summer run of festivals including Bonnaroo, Summer Camp, and The Peach Music Festival and were about to begin their fall headlining tour when guitarist, Brian Moss began thinking acoustic. Somewhat surprisingly, the four-piece group from Phoenix had deep acoustic roots dating back to their beginnings nine years earlier and Brian was feeling the pull. The problem was, he didn’t have the equipment that was up to the band’s lofty sonic quality standards.

Enter the Takamine P3MC, a cedar top, satin finish, OM cutaway that begs to be played, finding itself in the hands of the amazing Brian Moss.

It was love at first flight. Brian was so taken by the P3MC’s larger-than-size sound, true-to-tone electronics and dead-on split-bridge intonation, that in less than a week, Spafford was playing an entire acoustic show at the Rough Trade in Brooklyn.

We’re not talking about a back-to-basics strum fest here; they brought the heat. Along with Spafford’s Andrew (Red) Johnson on keyboards and Cameron LaForest on drums, the band’s fretted front line now consisted of bassist Jordan Fairless and a Takamine PB5-SBL, a spruce topped, arched maple back jumbo tone machine (the best kept secret in the world of acoustic basses) and Brian Moss with his new P3MC. The result was an acoustic show they are still talking about…and the recordings of which we suspect you are likely to someday hear.

Spafford's fall tour continues through November with dates in Boulder, Denver, Flagstaff, Tucson, Solana Beach, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. There’s no question that this band’s meteoric rise has just begun…and that Takamine Guitars are likely to play a key reoccurring role.

Spafford concert

Spafford plays accoustic