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Release Date Set for “Springsteen on Broadway” Soundtrack

Meet him in the “Land of Hope and Dreams”.

Columbia Records has announced December 14th as the release date for the official two-disc soundtrack of “Springsteen on Broadway”. The following night, Springsteen’s Tony Award winning solo-acoustic show will have its last performance at the Walter Kerr Theater…and Netflix will begin its worldwide streaming of the greatly anticipated filmed version of the show.

As part of that announcement, a preview of the “Springsteen on Broadway” soundtrack was released today with the official audio of the LP’s lead single Land of Hope and Dreams.

In Chris Jordan’s Asbury Park Press review of the live track, he states, “Bruce Springsteen makes his Takamine guitar sound like an orchestra”. Agreed. Particularly during the intro, you may wonder just how many instruments you’re listening to. For the record, it is a single Takamine Pro Series P6N-BSB (open-tuned to G and capoed to B flat)… in the hands of Bruce Springsteen. Listen here.

Aside from the specific instrumentation, Bruce’s powerful acoustic performance of this stunningly relevant song from his 2012 album “Wrecking Ball” speaks for itself.

The entire soundtrack for “Springsteen on Broadway” is available now for pre-order here.

Springsteen on Boradway