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Takamine Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Two Limited Editions

Throughout, Takamine's 60 years of innovative craftsmanship, there have been many watershed developments that proved particularly pivotal to the brand’s success. None more so than Takamine’s 1979 introduction of the PT-05E.

The PT-05E, a hand-crafted offering from a little known factory at the base of Mt. Takamine, gained attention for its inspired marriage of classical body shape and steel strings. The positive response triggered the initial widespread distribution of Takamine Guitars in Japan and subsequent emergence onto the world stage.

It is also the model that inspired two new Limited Edition models the LTD 2022 and THE 60th, both in honor of Takamine Guitar’s 60th Anniversary.

Keeping with Takamine’s tradition of introducing innovations and landscape-changing ideas via the LTD series, the LTD 2022 and THE 60th follow suit in a big way.

A new and unique 3 layered brace design (with ebony core) that decreases brace mass (over 20%) while increasing essential rigidity is likely to enhance the brand’s already unmatched reputation for both tone and reliability. The innovative bracing will be introduced in THE 60th.

And in a move likely to spur chatter among acoustic-electric aficionados everywhere, Takamine introduces the CTF2N preamp. Inspired-by and sonically based upon the famed, early-eighties, 3-slider FET preamp, affectionately referred to as “Brownie” the new CTF2N effectively marries the best of Takamine’s formative past with a promising future.

Still, as good as “Brownie” was, our old friend still required a little 21st century love. Takamine’s own, Makoto Terasaki shared in detail how the revered preamp was meticulously analyzed, tweaked and updated for today’s player, while doggedly maintaining 100% of its original, sonically-honest tone. The CTF2N makes its debut in both the LTD 2022 and THE 60th.

Leaving the delicious details for you to read, we conclude by citing two more 60th Anniversary Limited Edition facts: Only 350 of the LTD 2022 will be manufactured for the global market – and only 60 pieces of THE 60th will be created for that same planet. So contact your local Takamine dealer soon.