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Blake Shelton Announces 2016 Tour

According to 'Taste of Country" Longtime Tak player Blake Shelton is gearing up for a busy 2016. The country singer and The Voice coach announced Thursday (Oct. 8) that a tour has been in the works for next year.

Glen Hansard Releases Second Solo Album

Recently the great Glen Hansard visited WFUV in the Bronx, NY for a live session featuring this performance of 'My Little Ruin' from his recently released second solo album 'Didn't He Ramble'. A long time Tak player, Glen finally retired the iconic 'Horse' his famously worn Tak mainstay of 20 years. But as you can see from this video of the performance


Hozier Chooses the P3NY

Two short years ago, Andrew Hozier - Byrne sat at his parents piano just outside of Dublin and worked up a new song that he liked enough to demo.