Latest Takamine News


Blake Gifts Voice Team with Taks

In keeping with what has become somewhat of a tradition, Team Blake’s final three contestants on The Voice were presented with brand new Takamine guitars by their beloved coach and longtime Takamine player Blake Shelton.

Mary Sarah Carries the Torch

If you are a fan of "The Voice" you will recognize the super talented, 21 year old singer songwriter Mary Sarah as one of the last standing contestants from this most recent season of "The Voice".

Ken Block’s New Tak

Watching Sister Hazel’s latest video That Kind of Beautiful and two things come to mind: after 20 years of recording and touring, these 5 guys from Gainesville, Florida are still nailing it...

The Essential Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe wanted to do things differently for his 4th album. Rather than looking to his label, he decided to team up with his ever expanding fan base and launch a Kick-starter campaign to raise the $43,500 needed...

Micah Tyler Joins Takamine Family

Musical Director and mutual friend Edgar Struble had been working on a film with singer-songwriter Micah Tyler and felt strongly that the worship leader from Buna, Texas should be on our radar.