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Trisha Yearwood Returns with “Every Girl”

Once the charismatic and funny Trisha Yearwood has invited you into her living room, shared her favorite recipes via her Emmy Award winning Food Network show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen and her 3 New York Times Best Selling Cookbooks are perched on your bookshelf, you could almost forget that the Monticello, Georgia native is first and foremost a 3 time Grammys winning, 15 million album selling, music superstar


Kyshona Armstrong has an incredibly unique story as a musician, beginning as a music therapist, working in mental health hospitals and correctional facilities, writing music with her patients and using music to redirect behaviors and emotions

Blake Joins Garth in “Dive Bar”

On January 17th 1992, NBC aired a prime time network special featuring a red-hot new country artist named Garth Brooks. That night in Ada Oklahoma, 16 year old Blake Shelton was glued to his family TV soaking in every second.

John Jorgenson Joins Sir Elton’s Farewell Tour

There is no good time for a full-fledged rock icon to lose their mainstay bandmate and musical director. Certainly not in the middle of a world tour, or just before the long-awaited bio-pic of your life is to be released. But such was the case when Sir Elton John’s guitarist of 47 years, Davey Johnstone, was recently sidelined with a shoulder injury requiring surgery and significant recovery time. How do you fill the shoes of the performer (and creator) of the slashing electric solos and lush acoustic layers that helped define so many Elton John classics? You call John Jorgenson.

NFL Drafts Cody Webb

Cody Webb, one of country music’s hottest new singer-songwriters, has been chosen to be featured in an introductory video for this year’s NFL Draft