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John Jorgenson Joins Sir Elton’s Farewell Tour

There is no good time for a full-fledged rock icon to lose their mainstay bandmate and musical director. Certainly not in the middle of a world tour, or just before the long-awaited bio-pic of your life is to be released. But such was the case when Sir Elton John’s guitarist of 47 years, Davey Johnstone, was recently sidelined with a shoulder injury requiring surgery and significant recovery time. How do you fill the shoes of the performer (and creator) of the slashing electric solos and lush acoustic layers that helped define so many Elton John classics? You call John Jorgenson.

NFL Drafts Cody Webb

Cody Webb, one of country music’s hottest new singer-songwriters, has been chosen to be featured in an introductory video for this year’s NFL Draft

Spafford Announces Winter Tour

The fall of 2018 saw 3 Takamine guitars enter red-hot jam band Spafford's typically all-electric world, inspiring previously unplanned acoustic shows and introducing all new possibilities for live acoustic performance