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Franck Phillipo and the Hirade TH90

When trying to describe Phillipo’s touch and feel, the word “exquisite” comes to mind – a marriage of artist and instrument that would make any guitar artisan proud to have been involved.

The Return of Jovanny Cadena

Jovanni spent a year healing, rehabilitating and searching for a light at the end of the tunnel after his car accident. And as is with serious setbacks, givens are taken, faith tested, and the true nature of relationships often revealed.

Micah Tyler / New Today

Micah Tyler has asked friends and fans to pray for his younger brother Daniel who would be undergoing major surgery later that day then amended that prayer request to include someone else who had just faced unexpected emergency surgery… himself.

The Essential Karla Davis

Armed with a soulful singing voice born in the church, a naturally magnificent gift for songwriting and a recently acquired Takamine LTD-2009, Karla Davis entered the Colgate Country Showdown, the prestigious nationwide talent contest... and won

Kyshona - Listen

Following the simple advice offered by Kyshona via the title of her latest album, Listen, we will cut the chatter and send you to straight to Bandcamp to do just that